28 Percent Of American Millennials Remain Misinformed About HIV and Its Transmission

28 percent of american millennials remain misinformed about hiv and its transmission

A recent study has found out that around 28 percent of young Americans are not willing to hug, talk or being friends with HIV positive people. The research has said that the stigma attached to HIV persists after four decades of HIV emergence in the United States. The data shows that these young adults were not even born during such an HIV epidemic. Almost 30 percent of American adults said that they avoid socializing with people who are HIV positive. The report has found out that 23 percent of HIV negative millennials and 41 percent of Gen Z youngsters said that they are vaguely informed about the dreaded disease. As per the latest study, half of the youngsters in the age group of 18 to 36 years think that HIV can be transmitted through someone who has an untraceable viral load.

The study has included 1600 people from the millennial generation and Generation Z to conclude the report. The research says that the most recent generation remains most uninformed about HIV, which is a huge matter of concern. A 32-year-old consultant has said that working in big cities has not saved him from discrimination due to his HIV type. The unapprised attitude of the people towards HIV positives not just hampers their mental health but it can also force them to evade their treatment. There is an urgent requirement to devise ways to deal with the stigma attached to the disease.  Health Institutions, doctors and researchers solely concentrate on medication but they do not do anything to combat shame linked to HIV.

The new study has been put together by Merck and the Prevention Access Campaign. Dr. Sohail Rana has said that by teaching compassion and understanding through TV commercials, we can change people’s outlook towards HIV. The result of the report shows that the maniac of AIDS is still far from over. The researchers have said that it is high time that we need to elevate the quality of sex education and sexual health among young Americans. Doctors and Medical authorities need to come up with innovative initiatives to educate young people and fight HIV stigma.

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