Adoption of CRISPR Technique for the 1st time in the US for Treatment of Genetic Disorder

adoption of crispr technique for the 1st time in the us for treatment of genetic disorder

Gene editing also called as Genome editing is a group of technologies which gives the ability to change an organism’s DNA. The techniques permit genetic material to be more, altered, or remove from a particular location in the genome. Several approaches have been developed, but a recent one is known as CRISPR. The CRISPR is cheaper, faster, more efficient, and more accurate than other genome editing methods existing. CRISPR has been used in plant and animal species in the USA. The experimental research by the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia to determine the efficiency of CRISPR gene-editing afflicted with treatment-resistant cancers. Trials targeting cancer have been conducted in China. In Germany, such examinations were conducted targeting the blood disorder beta-thalassemia.

For the first time, scientists edited gene inside the body in an attempt to permanently altering the DNA. According to a report by NPR, CRISPR was used in the USA on human trials as a cancer treatment for the first time. This was a major step to expand the powerful gene-editing tool in a medical context. Doctors in the USA used cutting-edge CRISPR technology to manage cancer patients. Later this year, doctors in Boston are planning to test CRISPR-based therapy for a kind of inherited blindness. In addition, major companies are focusing on sponsoring the sickle cell study to treat a patient with a blood disorder in Germany.

Conventional gene therapy uses to insert a gene into a patient’s cells instead of surgery or drugs. CRISPR treatments mostly avoid the use of viruses. Instead of that, the CRISPR technique directly makes changes in the DNA by using targeted molecular tools. This technique allows scientists to modify or remove specific genes that cause a problem. As per researchers, CRISPR can transform to prevent and treat many diseases. For instance, CRISPR can repair genetic defects or use genetically modified human cells as therapies.

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