First polio case was reported in Malaysia in the last 27 years

First polio case was reported in Malaysia in the last 27 years

According to the Health authorities, it was found that a first polio case in the 27 years has been published in Malaysia, where a three-month-old baby is undergoing the treatment on Borneo Island. The Director-General of Malaysian Health Ministry Noor Hisham Abdullah stated that the baby named Tuaran, who hails from Eastern Sabah state, is admitted to the hospital and put in intensive care after she is prone to severe fever and weakness of muscles. The treatment is given to the patient in the isolation ward. The condition of the patient is learned to be stable. However, the patient is in dire need of proper respiratory support as per Noor Hisham.

The infant joined the hospital last Friday. Polio is the infectious and viral health ailment that has no medicine to cure and can only be treated by giving many doses of injections and oral vaccines. It directly has an impact on the nervous system of the baby and the spinal cord. There are very fewer chances of this treatment going to turn fatal. In the past 30 years, the whole world has made good progress in fighting Polio — the WHO stated that around 33 cases were reported in the last year. Malaysia is the country that has declared to be free from Polio in the year 2000. The recent polio case in the country was registered in 1992.

One patient is diagnosed with Polio that comes from the Philippines, which shares the border with Sabah. Noor Hisham stated that the test results of the patient revealed that the infant is infected with a kind of strain that has genetic links to the infected virus. T. Jayabalan, the Public health expert, stated that it is not surprising to report a polio case in Malaysia as immunization is not mandatory. There are a few people who deny taking the vaccination due to inadequate information on its importance. Recently, many deaths of children are reported in Malaysia due to diphtheria as they did not get proper immunization. Noor Hisham found that 23 children whose age is below 15 have not received the polio vaccine.

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