Google Is Planning To End Support For Web Store Apps

Google Is Planning To End Support For Web Store Apps

Google created the Chrome browser is one of the most famous ones, and people love to use it. However, chrome web store, which is used by people usually for installing extensions and relating things, also offers web-based progressive apps. Google decided to list web-based apps on the chrome web store, thinking it is the key to the future and will be changing the browsing experience forever. However, recent reports show Google is planning to shut down all the support for web store apps on the Chrome browser.

The concept of chrome apps was new when it’s launched because a user could get a better user interface when they use it. Progressive web apps work offers offline functionality also, which means you can perform your tasks without the need for the internet too. Google announced the use of chrome web apps back in 2016, thinking it would change the platform for good. However, people did not like using these apps; instead, they focused on the most convenient features like extensions for better user experience.

Experts said there is no need to worry about whether this decision is going to affect existing extensions or not because web apps on chrome are an entirely different thing as compared to extensions. A few months ago, Google decided to remove chrome apps from MacOs, Linus, and other platforms where users didn’t give it the required response. Reportedly less than one percent of users installed and use these progressive web apps. But, this time, the tech giant company decided to end the support of these apps on Chrome OS also, which will be bad news for app developers only. Still, there is no need to worry about the usability of extensions because they will be intact, and Google will not make any changes to it. In June 2020, chrome apps will no longer be part of the web app store.

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