New Research Claims that an Asteroid Crash might have Caused Extinction of all the Dinosaurs

new research claims that an asteroid crash might have caused extinction of all the dinosaurs

Researchers claimed that they had discovered new facts about the day when an asteroid hit the Earth and killed off all living beings that include dinosaurs. Scientists believe that the asteroid collided with the Earth around 65 million years from now near what is stated as Yucatán Peninsula in Mexico nowadays. The force of that massive asteroid bang is estimated to be equal to the strength of around ten billion nuclear bombs. The U.S. Space Agency National Aeronautics and Space Administration has predicted that the strike created a huge dip. The crater is around 900 meters deep and 180 kilometers wide. It is believed that the event has caused earthquakes, widespread wildfires, and tsunamis, or ocean waves. The crash also released hazardous chemicals into the atmosphere, causing severe cooling that affected many living things.

Experts blame this climate-changing process a major reason behind the extinction of more than seventy percent of flora and fauna. Further, all dinosaurs, those were not like a bird died out. The dip remained hidden and was discovered in the late 1970s. The crater was first discovered by the team that was searching for petroleum in the depth of an ocean of the Yucatán Peninsula. The concept about extinction of the dinosaurs because of an asteroid was first presented in 1980, by two American scientists. Research that is based on materials that was collected from the coast of the Yucatán Peninsula over the years led most experts to agree to the concept that an asteroid struck that place. In the year 2016, a team of researchers went to the location to drill down into the ground underneath the dip so they can bring up rock samples. Sean Gulick, the lead of that team and a research professor at Texas Institute for Geophysics. And the results of the research are published recently in one of the Proceeding by National Academy of Sciences.

By inspecting the rock samples collected, the team found proof. The evidence suggests that most of the material that had filled the crater after the strike was produced in the area where the impact happened. The researchers further claimed to found evidence of burned material such as sulfur and dust. Researchers are certain that these materials were vaporized and further entered into the atmosphere. This blocked the sun’s heat due to which the Earth cools down.

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