Next Week Google Pixel Watch to get Released

next week google pixel watch to get released

Google has been supposed to be functioning on its smartwatch, which is called the Google Pixel Watch. Later reports recommended the device would lastly be released at Google’s hardware event, which was last year, and several were left upset when it didn’t happen, and they did not release it. Now, reports advise that the watch could lastly be out alongside the Google Pixel 4 at the Google’s hardware event which is arranged for October 15, Tuesday.

The rumors came from Nikkei Asian Review, which says that an anonymous source close to the stuff. Nikkei has also been able to correctly forecast the hardware event releases in the earlier. The outlet also said that Google would also launch a variant of the Pixel 4 which would 5G, besides with a new notebook. Also, the report didn’t mention the name of the Google Pixel Watch. Also, Google’s hardware line has been secured to the Pixel brand for five years now, so that would be different to see a different and new smartwatch that does not stand the branding. Many rumors have come over the last few years, which did hint at what the Pixel Watch could look like. It’s also likely that the smartwatch will also run Google’s OS operating system, though some rumors do show that the smartwatch could also be a fusion watch. Google took over a new hybrid watch technology and even 20 engineers from watch company, namely Fossil, for around $40 million this year, and it’s likely that technology will finish up being a share of the Pixel Watch.

Other reports also have proposed that the take over was more about the engineering talent than the real technology, and also it would be a little odd to see Google release a smartwatch that won’t feature the firm’s own smartwatch OS operating system. The new watch could also give Google a fair chance to display their Wear OS the way it was intended to be applied, just like the Pixel phone did for Android.

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