OnePlus Revealed About Data Breaching Happened On Its Website

oneplus revealed about data breaching happened on its website

The privacy issue has taken another toll on smartphone users, and this time it’s OnePlus users who are facing it. Reportedly OnePlus released an official statement in which the company stated the fact that a third party has breached the company’s website and got some details about users. In the report, Oneplus said while monitoring the company’s website, the security team discovered a breach on-site, and they found that some third parties who had no authority have gotten some information about users. The essential details like passwords, payment details are still safe, but users’ names, billing address, and email details have been breached. This sudden data breach has shocked Oneplus users who did not expect it would happen. The company had always been taking care of its users’ security, but it seems like this time, the unauthorized third party successfully got the necessary information. One plus said that they had informed those customers who have reportedly got affected because of this data breaching and also advised to change their user ID and password details.

OnePlus have sent an official email about data breaching to only those customers whose details have breached, but if you haven’t got any of such email, then mark yourself as safe. Those customers who have suffered data privacy issues because of this breach have advised further into the email on changing their necessary details like user ID and password since the third party might get access to their account with it. The company’s official statement says that they are trying to investigate the website thoroughly to find more flaws like this one. OnePlus has promised to upgrade its security platform and decided to collaborate with a world-renowned security platform for the protection of user’s data. However, damage, even though not significant, has already happened. It’s advisable to check whether you have received an email from OnePlus about data breaching.

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