PCRM Doctors Urge FDA to Warn Against Breast Cancer on Cheese

pcrm doctors urge fda to warn against breast cancer on cheese

On account of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, doctors of PCRM (Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine) are demanding the U.S. FDA place a warning tag on Cheese. Breast cancer is one of the most extensively known diseases in the US. As per the US CDC, in 2016, more than 41,000 women have died due to the illness, in America. Thus the Washington-based advocacy organization urges the label should warn against the risk of breast cancer and the risk of death. Besides, the non-profit research organization has filed the request on 3 Oct. signed by Neal Barnard, the president of PCRM.

The agency has noted various trials that have revealed a connection between the consumption of dairy cheese and breast cancer. Also, they have pointed out a study of the National Institute of Cancer, which included around 2000 women. At the time, the research had discovered the consumption of high-fat dairy had raised their chances of developing breast cancer by 53%. Mr. Barnard said cheese producers like Kraft hit a pink ribbon on items like Cheese, Philadelphia Cream Cheese and Macaroni. As per the executive, instead of that, manufacturers should add warning labels on their products. Neal said they want women to stay informed that dairy cheese could impose a fatal risk of breast cancer. Thus the advocacy agency is pressing cheese products to have warning labels as that present on a pack of cigarettes.

Researchers say dairy products contain an additive hormone, i.e., estrogen, which comes from cows. Apart from this, the female hormone has ties with an excessive risk of breast cancer. These hormones get more concentrated while processing milk to get cheese. PCRM notes, despite being traces, they seem to be biologically active in humans and raise breast cancer mortality. On the other hand, the agency says, plant-based food with high fiber is good for breast health. Even more, they have the potential to reduce additional estrogen.

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