Scientists May Have Breached Ethical Protocol To Study Human Brain

scientists may have breached ethical protocol to study human brain

Researchers from Green Neuroscience Laboratory have warned that scientists may have surpassed the ethical line while growing lumps of the human brain in the lab. These little lumps or mini-brains are called Organoids. Researchers have a strong intuition that while transplanting these tissues into animals, scientists may have overlooked moral boundaries. The creation of Organoids has been the hottest topic in the field of neuroscience. They are the only size of a pea. The splotch of tissues is made from stem cells. Some scientists have developed spontaneous brain waves, which are similar to the waves seen in premature babies. However, this research stands controversial as it is uncertain how and when it may cross the line into human experimentation.

Researchers are going to present the report to the world’s largest meeting of neuroscientists that some scientists may have surpassed ethical guidelines while creating sentient lumps of the brain in the lab. Scientists must be violating the guidelines if there is any possibility of Organoids turning into sentient, said Elan Ohayon director of Green Neuroscience Laboratory. Organoids have major potential to allow scholars to investigate the living human brain. This development has been a landmark achievement of neuroscientists. It also helps in probing mental disorders like Schizophrenia, autism and the reason behind babies developing small brains in the womb.

Brain Organoids have shown a rich diversity of tissues from cerebral cortex neutrons to retinal cells. Organoids grown for 8 months in the lab, evolved their own neuronal network, which reacted when a ray of light fell on them, said researchers from Harvard University. Some of the neuroscientists transplanted these human brain Organoids into the mouse brain and witnessed a proper connection with the animal’s blood supply. They were also able to establish some fresh connections. The director of Green Neuroscience Laboratory has asked funding agencies to stop all the research, which involves the transplantation of human brain tissues into animals. The officials of the neuroscience lab have also called for a halt of the experiments that engage the risk of Organoids turning into sentient. These limitations have been imposed on scientists to protect budding humans from suffering.

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