Small businesses are making significant impact in Haywood County

Small businesses are making significant impact in Haywood County

Some of the small businesses in the US have a big impact in Haywood County. Small shops in the main streets of Waynesville and Maggie Valley are expanding their business. Small businesses and local shops in Haywood County are receiving great support from shoppers. Shoppers in Haywood and communities across the US are encouraging small shops during the tenth annual small business Saturday. American Express started supporting small businesses in 2010. This has become a shopping holiday now in the US. People support their local storeowners during this holiday. According to recent reports, 80percent of businesses in Haywood County are small and local.

Thanksgiving holidays are the busiest shopping days of the year. Hence, small business Saturdays come immediately after thanksgiving. This brings the best opportunities for local shops. Head of business relations Kim Czaja said that an average of 67 cents stays in the community for every dollar spent in the local shops. That number is a big deal. Keeping the money in the community will strengthen the local economy. Czaja added, “When you are shopping local, you are supporting your neighbor. You are supporting a small business that is giving back to the community.” These local shops only have stuff that tourists want to buy is a total misconception. These shops have some great stuff useful for the neighborhood.

The local small business includes handmade gift shops, homemade sweets, and handcrafted jewelry. Moreover, some of the shops sell locally sourced furniture and so much more. These small shops in Haywood County have so much stuff to fulfill the needs of the neighborhood. One of the shop owners said that the small businesses in Waynesville make the town unique. He added that he is proud to be part of it. Many shopkeepers keep the prices down so that anybody can afford it. Shopping small is essential and not just during festive seasons. These small businesses understand the everyday needs of local people.

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