Twitter Testing Reddit Like Conversation Tree To Display Replies, Launch Likely Early Next Year

Twitter Testing Reddit Like Conversation Tree To Display Replies, Launch Likely Early Next Year

Microblogging site Twitter is testing new ways to display conversations on its page. The features once rolled out, will make easier for users to follow the flow of conversations. The new features will be more or less look like a conversation tree. This will be similar to the one seen in Reddit. The threaded conversation tree will show a thin grey line indicating replies to the original post. The new features were tested by the company on its prototype app Twttr iOS app earlier this year. It is likely that the new features will be launched by the company for its iOS users next year.

If reports are to go by, the conversation tree concept may also come to the Twitter web app as well. Notably, the new features were spotted on Twitter recently. Twitter confirmed that the conversation tree is part of the company’s broader plan to bring twttr’s features to Twitter. The features were first spotted by noted reverse engineer Jane Manchun Wong. However, the company in its statement added that not all the features discovered by Wong will be launched and that the best ones will be extended to Twitter. The company is also considering how to use its prototype app to experiment with other features.

According to Twitter, the major redesign will help users to track replies easily. At present, users have to scroll through tweets to read the replies and identify the user who shared the tweet. But the new design will let the users focus on a single reply. Users will not need to click on it and open a new page. While the company is working on developing a new design, it has also announced to start deleting accounts that have been inactive for the past six months. However, it will not remove the accounts of those who are dead. The process is likely to begin from the European countries before being extended to other parts of the world.

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