Two Children have Died In Colorado Because Of Flu

Two Children have Died In Colorado Because Of Flu

Currently, the world and specifically China is witnessing coronavirus, which so far has killed thousands of people. However, the problem in the USA is quite different because here, people are dying more of flu-related diseases than coronavirus. Recent reports from Colorado are not useful because the health officials said they had recorded two pediatric deaths because of flu-related conditions. In the US, flu season usually reaches its peak during that time, and it seems like something like that is already happening.

Now even though people are taking extra care of protecting themselves from not getting into contact with infected people. Many people have already been hospitalized for such symptoms. Colorado Public Health And Environment (CDPHE) said they had witnessed a second child dying because of the flu-related disease this time. Reportedly it wasn’t confirmed whether the child was vaccinated before his death or not, and the authorities said the child used to live in Southern Colorado.

Pediatric deaths are one of the worst to witness because it does not harm only the child but also their family members too. Health officials said the flu virus, even though it might not seem that severe can cause lots of harm to small children and older adults. Before this, a school-aged child on January 18 reportedly died from flu-related illness in Colorado. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention already revealed a map of how many states so far have gotten affected by the flu virus, and Colorado is included in it. As of now, 45 states are witnessing a higher number of people getting diagnosed with the flu virus, and it might increase in the upcoming days. Health officials are advising to follow early precautions to prevent bad things from happening because it could help them in many ways to beat this deadly flu virus.

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