What is the cause of mysterious blobs in the galaxy?

What is the cause of mysterious blobs in the galaxy?

DEEP SPACE experts are puzzled by an odd source in a galaxy producing bright beams near the Earth. These beams seem to sequence in an array of enigmatic colors. NASA has said that they are not able to clarify the cause or ramifications for the existence of the phenomenon. Till now, several researchers presented different theories regarding the presence of these green blobs. NASA described that if an item comes closer to the black hole, the energy of gravity pulls the object apart. This movement brings the remains into an orbit closer to black hole. Inner edge material of the recently formed disk may start moving very fast. This fast movement rises temperature up to million degrees and emits X-rays.

According to a Caltech postdoctoral researcher, the period for appearance of the object is very short. Usually, the changes appear gradually and not often a source multiplies this quick succession. Due to the appearance of this object, we got to see exciting phenomenon, a rapid change in source. Post of New York stated that the observatory NuSTAR X-ray was observing the fireworks within the galaxy when they spotted green and blue light blobs vanished within weeks. The standard explanation for these sources of ultraluminous X-ray (UXLs) is supernova. But the UXLs generally exist for a longer period. They also don’t disappear and flicker like the beams spotted by detectors of NASA.

Another conjecture is that these frequent colorful appearing beams may be a neutron star. This star has equal mass as Sun. But the fast spinning of a neutron star can cause barrier in reaching surface. Therefore, the speculation can’t be right. Chandra X-ray, an observatory of NASA also saw the appearance and vanishing of the green blob, which is called a source of ultraluminous X-ray (ULX). The black holes weigh nearly more than 130 solar masses. The runaway collapse of such substantial stellar cores can’t be stopped. They generally continuously collapse to form black holes. In these black holes, even light cant be escape the force of gravity.

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