High Trans Fat Diet Increases The Risk of Alzheimer’s Disease

A new study suggests that people with high levels of Trans fat in their blood are more likely to be diagnosed with Alzheimer. There is harmful cognitive outcome related to diet that has high Trans fat content said, neurologist Neelum T Aggarwal.  Diet with high Tran’s fat is a major concern for cardiovascular diseases. The diet and blood tests of around 1600 Japanese people were followed for over 10 years in the research. After analyzing the factors, which can affect the risk of Alzheimer’s, researchers have found out that people…

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Adoption of CRISPR Technique for the 1st time in the US for Treatment of Genetic Disorder

adoption of crispr technique for the 1st time in the us for treatment of genetic disorder

Gene editing also called as Genome editing is a group of technologies which gives the ability to change an organism’s DNA. The techniques permit genetic material to be more, altered, or remove from a particular location in the genome. Several approaches have been developed, but a recent one is known as CRISPR. The CRISPR is cheaper, faster, more efficient, and more accurate than other genome editing methods existing. CRISPR has been used in plant and animal species in the USA. The experimental research by the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia…

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Scientists May Have Breached Ethical Protocol To Study Human Brain

scientists may have breached ethical protocol to study human brain

Researchers from Green Neuroscience Laboratory have warned that scientists may have surpassed the ethical line while growing lumps of the human brain in the lab. These little lumps or mini-brains are called Organoids. Researchers have a strong intuition that while transplanting these tissues into animals, scientists may have overlooked moral boundaries. The creation of Organoids has been the hottest topic in the field of neuroscience. They are the only size of a pea. The splotch of tissues is made from stem cells. Some scientists have developed spontaneous brain waves, which…

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NASA has just invented a spacesuit to be worn by the First Female on the Moon

nasa has just invented a spacesuit to be worn by the first female on the moon

NASA revealed on Tuesday (Oct. 15) new spacesuit models that the first person to walk on the moon would wear. In an activity here at the headquarters of the space agency, NASA principal Jim Bridenstine and spacesuit causes give a first closer expression at two next-generation spacesuits considered for the Artemis program of the agency, which goals to terrestrial the first woman and the then gentleman on the moon by 2024. “We’re going to the moon by 2024, and we want it to be safe, “said NASA supervisor Jim Bridenstine…

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PCRM Doctors Urge FDA to Warn Against Breast Cancer on Cheese

pcrm doctors urge fda to warn against breast cancer on cheese

On account of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, doctors of PCRM (Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine) are demanding the U.S. FDA place a warning tag on Cheese. Breast cancer is one of the most extensively known diseases in the US. As per the US CDC, in 2016, more than 41,000 women have died due to the illness, in America. Thus the Washington-based advocacy organization urges the label should warn against the risk of breast cancer and the risk of death. Besides, the non-profit research organization has filed the request on 3…

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Next Week Google Pixel Watch to get Released

next week google pixel watch to get released

Google has been supposed to be functioning on its smartwatch, which is called the Google Pixel Watch. Later reports recommended the device would lastly be released at Google’s hardware event, which was last year, and several were left upset when it didn’t happen, and they did not release it. Now, reports advise that the watch could lastly be out alongside the Google Pixel 4 at the Google’s hardware event which is arranged for October 15, Tuesday. The rumors came from Nikkei Asian Review, which says that an anonymous source close…

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NASA Reschedules First All-Female Spacewalk For October 21

nasa reschedules first all-female spacewalk for october 21

After some initial setback due to a lack of a medium-sized spacesuit, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration has rescheduled the first all-female spacewalk for October 21. NASA has announced that astronauts Christina Koch and Anne McClain of the International Space Station will pair up for a spacewalk later this month. Earlier, the spacewalk was scheduled for International Women’s Month in March but was cancelled because properly fitted spacesuits were not available. Both the astronauts needed a medium-size torso component, but it was available only for one of them. McClain…

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Man Lost Parts of Limbs and Arms due to Infection from Dogs Saliva – Still Loves His Dog

man lost parts of limbs and arms due to infection from dogs saliva - still loves his dog

A man contracted a rare disease from his Dog and almost died due to the infection. Greg Manteufel, 45 contracted infection, and condition named capnocytophaga from his Dog Ellie’s saliva and was on the deathbed. A rare disease that infects only the people with the compromised immune system can take the life of the patient. When Greg contracted with the disease, he lost parts of his limb, arms, and nose skin due to the infection. After surviving, he still loves his Dog Ellie unconditionally despite being the reason for lying…

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