A 7-Year-Old Girl Misdiagnosed by A Doctor Saying That She Was Faking the Symptoms

A 7-Year-Old Girl Misdiagnosed by A Doctor Saying That She Was Faking the Symptoms

When a partially paralyzed 7-year-old girl arrived at the Hospital in Oregon, a doctor said she was faking her symptoms. She did so to drive her parents’ attention towards her and was feeling jealous of her new baby sister. But the doctor’s opinion proved wrong when they had an MRI of the girl child. According to the MRI reports, she was suffering from AFM, i.e., Acute Flaccid Myelitis. Although, the polio-like disease has attacked hundreds of children. The very first case of AFM came into existence in 2014. Usually, doctors claim that many children fake their illness, but in this case, it was not a fake one.

Bailey, the victim of AFM, was a healthy child until October 2014. One day suddenly she was unable to move some of her body parts. While, she couldn’t move her neck or the body parts on the right side (leg, hand, etc.). Her parents took her to a rehabilitation center, where the health expert said Bailey was not suffering from paralysis. Mikell Sheean, Bailey’s mother, was sure that her daughter was not acting. According to experts, Bailey was unstable and jealous. On the other hand, Bailey’s pediatrician, who’d know her since birth, objected the diagnosis. Additionally, the pediatrician recommended an MRI test. However, after the correct diagnosis, the child got treatment for the rare polio-like disease. She also got some extensive physical therapy.

Currently, after four years of treatment, she can walk once again. Her mother says that fortunately Bailey’s pediatrician asked them for the test, and diagnosed the disease. Elin Olivera, mother of a child having AFM says Bailey’s case is a unique one. Olivera runs a private Facebook page for parents of children having AFM. Depending upon her page, she evaluated that parents of about one child in 10 are told that it is not AFM or paralysis. Besides, the doctors say the disease is present in their minds. Dr. Mark Graber, president emeritus of the Society to Improve Diagnosis in Medicine, said that doctors say like this when they fail to find the exact physical reason. Dr. Frances also stated that doctors are uncomfortable when they cannot answer parents’ question. But according to him, false sureness is very dangerous than unsureness.

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