Apple to Resume Sales of Older iPhones in Germany after Losing Battle with Qualcomm

Apple is facing multiple lawsuits in various countries, thanks to its beef with Qualcomm. After the Munich Court decision favored Qualcomm in Germany, Apple had to stop selling their old smartphones. But now, the company is going to result in the sales of the modified version of iPhones in Germany. As per the reports, the company is accepting the court judgment and will not fight against the decision. Now, Apple will only use the Qualcomm modems in iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 devices in European countries and will resume their sales.

The battle started when Apple stopped using the Qualcomm modems intermittently and swapped with Intel modems. That decision made Qualcomm angry, and they filed a lawsuit against the company in various countries. In which, the Munich court in Germany ruled in favor of Qualcomm and Apple lost the suit. Now, the company either has to accept the ban on sales of those iPhone models or start selling them with Qualcomm chips. The company admitted the later and will begin using Qualcomm Chips to comply with court order. So, all of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 devices in Germany and other European Union countries will have Qualcomm chips instead of Intel chips.

The original issue was the patent violation by Apple. Qualcomm claimed that Apple had violated the patent of a feature called Envelope Tracking. The feature allows the smartphone to use less battery while using the internet and wifi signals. Apple supplier Qorvo was also named in the infringement lawsuit. The Qorvo chips were present in the devices which had intel modems, and that’s why the Munich court rules against Apple. The company has accepted the defeat and will use Qualcomm Chips in European Countries, but that’s all as Apple and Qualcomm are not friendlies anymore due to multiple ongoing lawsuits over Monopolistic practices and patent violations.

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