Blizzard States on the Controversy of Over watch Contenders

Blizzard States on the Controversy of Over watch Contenders

The community of Overwatch has got caught up in a controversy. It includes the alleged harassment as well as gender equality and fraud. Now, Blizzard has issued a statement related to this. The controversy had begun when Overwatch Contenders team Second Wind had signed up a female player known as Ellie, before attaining the deadline for the roster. As per the Second Wind, Ellie did not want to disclose her last name or anything related to identity out of fear from getting harassed. There are some members of his Overwatch community, who have alleged that Ellie is fake, which includes the Dafran from Atlanta Reign. Soon after Ellie quit Second Wind because of claims related to harassment and doxxing. The revelation was made that Ellie happened to be fake.

Ellie was a top 500 North American male player, regarded as Punisher. There is a debate within the community, which still keeps on raging about the reasons for the experiment of Punisher or the doubts surrounding the talent of a female player allegedly. In order to try and clear the air as to how did they allow a fake account come close to a Contenders team, Blizzard went on to release a statement regarding the controversy. While talking to a media house, a representative from Overwatch made a confirmation that Ellie always carried a fake account. The representative went on to say that after getting the matter investigated, it was found that Ellie was nothing but a fabricated identity. Further, it was said that they do conduct background checks in order to ensure that players are exactly the ones, who they say they are along with meeting up with other eligibility requirements.

Blizzard said that Ellie was never submitted to the active roster of Second Wind in a formal manner and also never ever played in a Contenders match. Moreover, as Ellie was never really added on to the roster of Second Wind in an official manner, the process of confirming the account’s identity did not begin. Second Wind has failed to confirm the identity in the last minute order for adding on to an allegedly top 5 NA player. The Ellie lie had fallen apart before Blizzard could have even checked.

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