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Foxconn Has Decided To Continue Its Project At Wisconsin

From last few days manufacturing giant company, Foxconn has been in news because some report predicted that Foxconn had dropped its plan of building a manufacturing factory in Wisconsin. However, company has officially said that they’re going to continue their project at Wisconsin but this time company is not going to build a mega manufacturing hub instead there will be an assembly plant in Wisconsin. A few months ago President Trump said that he is going to create jobs for local citizens of Wisconsin and to deliver that promise he convinced Foxconn to build its mega factory in there.

However, a few days ago some reports came out which stated company has dropped its plan of building plant in Wisconsin and will shut down its construction operations also. However, company’s officials said that they’re going to create a high moulding factory where most of the work will be of assembling, and it will finish construction of it in next eighteen months.Foxconn’s first plan was to build some large flat screen TV panels however due to some reasons it never worked on that project. However, now after getting so much criticism from ordinary people company has said that they’re going to build a factory which will serve thousands of jobs.

President Trump along with Foxconn said that company would be able to create more than 13000 jobs for local citizens, but so far less than 300 jobs have actually created by company. Foxconn has been getting pressure from Trump Administration who waived off more than s billion dollars of taxes so that company would build its mega factory in the USA, however, it seems like giant manufacturing company is still not content with American continent and that’s why it’s finding hard to build a factory in here.

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