Google Fitness App Is Going to Launch A 30-Day Fitness Challenge for Its Users

Google Fitness App Is Going to Launch A 30-Day Fitness Challenge for Its Users

Earlier this month, Google revamped its fitness tracking app by adding widgets on Android. The company also added breathing exercises for wear OS. Google is going to launch a 30-day challenge in the upcoming new year. The contest aims at increasing Heart Points, which are like badges on other fitness apps. According to Google, activities that result in more number of heartbeats are highly beneficial for the health of heart and mind. So the user can earn one heart point per minute for doing moderate activities like walking fast. The user performing a more intense exercise like running will receive double heart point per minute.

Thus the relaunch of Google Fit highlights two essential points: Move Minutes and Heart Points. These two measures individually track the quantity and quality of exercise. Other widgets like Step count, calorie burn, and distance traveled are made available on the home screen. Google designed the new metrics with an assist from the American Heart Association (AHA). The challenge will last for 30 days and primarily focus on heart points. The user doing exercise at a higher pace will earn more points. The contest is open for Android and Wearable OS-Powered smartwatches. Users will be able to join the competition on the first day of the new year 2019.

The app automatically detects activities of the user including runs, bike rides, and walk. Besides, a user can record other activities manually. According to the challenge, the user is fit who earns 150 points per week. In short, it is a baseline goal which is enough to meet physical activity references of AHA and WHO. The fitness app will inspire throughout the month. Google is publishing its Fit Health challenges on other platforms like YouTube and Instagram. It is using 36 influencers across the world, who will inspire users to get going. The users can sign-up now for the contest which will start on 1st January 2019.

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