Harry Potter Wizards Unite, The New Game Is Coming To Android And iPhone Platforms

Harry Potter Wizards Unite, The New Game Is Coming To Android And iPhone Platforms

When it comes to wizarding world, we all know about a guy whose name is Harry Potter, and there are a million of fans who have followed the great tales of this amazing guy. Now a recent report is showing that Pokemon Go creators have come up with a new game called “Harry Potter Wizards unite”. This game is going to be launched for both Android and iOs platform, so it means everyone can enjoy the fantastic magic world. The game’s theme is basically based on Pokemon go where you will be searching for the magic signs and solve the mysteries; meanwhile, you will be meeting new characters.

Niantic who has developed Pokemon Go and Ingress have decided to get into a joint venture with WB games to build Harry Potter Wizards Unite. Harry Potter is quite famous among its fans, which might be the primary reason why Niantic is working to develop a wizarding game. The gaming industry is getting transformed with lots of new and innovative games. In 2017 Niantic launched Pokemon Go which got so much popularity that the company earned billions of dollars within a few months of this game’s release. Two years ago Pokemon Go became a global phenomenon, and now executives of Niantic are expecting the same type of success with Harry Potter Wizards Unite.

In this new game, players can roam around in real world searching for signs of magic and encountering with different characters of the Harry Potter series. The theme is based on Pokemon go in which you have to explore in the real world to complete the given mission or task. One thing is sure that Niantic might be able to get a tremendous amount of success with this game. Since it is popular among Harry Potter fans and everyone would love to explore the wizarding world.

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