AirPods 2

Hey Siri Support Coming with AirPods 2 Soon

Apple released the beta version of the iOS 12.2 for testing, and the experts have found multiple upcoming features. Apart from the new iPad and iPod versions, the experts spotted the option to enable the “Hey Siri” voice command option for upcoming AirPod 2. The company will launch the upgraded version of AirPod 2 soon to the public. The Siri Voice assistant support will help the users to activate the commands without unlocking the iPhone.

The technicians found the Setup screen for a new AirPod 2, which showed the option of setting the Hey Siri command support. With this support, the AirPod 2 users can directly ask Siri to perform tasks without unlocking the smartphone, which is the case right now. The AirPods will now work as any other digital assistant to complete tasks. As soon as the user says “Hey Siri” which is the wake-up word, the Siri will come to life and will do whatever you ask to do it. There is no need to wake up the AirPods by tapping them twice and then say the command. The AirPods 2 will keep listening and will automatically turn ON when asked. As of now, the users have to tap to turn ON the AirPods and then say the Magic Word to wake up the Siri Voice Assistant.

This is not the only feature that is coming with the AirPods 2. The Bluetooth 5.0 for increased range and connectivity, health, fitness, exercise and wellness sensors for monitoring the activities, and improved battery life. The AirPods 2 was supposed to launch with the iPhone XR, but the technical difficulties stalled the production, but they might hit the markets very soon.

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