Leaked Build of Android Q hints at System-Wide Dark Mode and Other Features

Leaked Build of Android Q hints at System-Wide Dark Mode and Other Features

Google always releases the Developer Builds of the Android Operating system before the official launch. Developers can check out the latest versions of the Android operating system before it goes public. This time, instead of publishing the developer release of the next iteration of Android, which is the Android Q, the build has been leaked on the internet. The Developers at XDA Forum got the hands on the leaked build of Android Q and flashed it on the Pixel 3XL device to see what the latest build has to offer.

The Developers at XDA forum found that the Latest Android Q will come with the System-wide dark mode and tons of other exciting features. In the  Latest build, the Dark mode can be applied from the Display settings. Also, there is the option to enable or disable the Dark mode according to the time of the day. Not just this, but the Improved permissions privacy is one exciting feature. Due to the recent discovery of tons of Android apps misusing the permissions, this feature is going to help the users to maintain their privacy. The App permissions like the Location Permission can be restricted to the app only when it’s running in the foreground. Also, the introduction of the Permissions page shows the details about each permission used by the applications.

The App Info screen has been completely redesigned with the introduction of Material theme and the icons. New Material Icons are added on the App Info screen to Disable, Force Stop, Uninstall or to Open the app. Not just these, the notification panel now shows the count of the number of notifications received per day, which is an exciting addition to tackle the smartphone addiction. Along with all these features, the latest build comes with the February  2019 Security Patch for Android.

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