LG Foldable Smartphone

LG Not to Release Foldable Smartphones Anytime Soon

Every company is rushing to launch the first foldable smartphone in the market, but the LG electronics has scrapped its plans to launch the same anytime soon. According to the reports in “The Korea Times,” the south-Korean giant said that they would not release the smartphone with a foldable display. Instead, the company is focusing its resources on the new V-series devices, which will have the 5-G network capacity. Also, the company said that they would release a 4G-LTE based new smartphone from G-series. The company is participating in the Mobile World Congress to release its new smartphones.

LG is not doing good with its smartphone unit and posting consecutive losses for fifteen quarters. The company representative, Brain Kwon said that they are reviewing the possibility of skipping the launch of foldable smartphones. LG will now focus on stabilizing their smartphone business with solid smartphones instead of releasing the foldable smartphone which had technically no use in current days. The company spent a lot of time working on foldable devices from 2017. Last year, LG applied for patents for brand names “duplex” and “foldi” with the Korean authorities.

LG is currently facing stiff competitions from big companies like Samsung, Xiaomi, Apple, and others. Due to this competition, the company decided to do innovate and launch the foldable smartphone and also the smartphone with double-screen. But the analysts have found that this is not the feasible option for the company. Along with the foldable device, we’ve seen the leaked images of dual-screen smartphone which had displayed on the rear side. But there is no information available about the development status of this smartphone. If LG wants to succeed in the market or even barely sustain their existence, then they would have to launch the flagship smartphones that can compete with other brands.

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