Man Lost Parts of Limbs and Arms due to Infection from Dogs Saliva – Still Loves His Dog

man lost parts of limbs and arms due to infection from dogs saliva - still loves his dog

A man contracted a rare disease from his Dog and almost died due to the infection. Greg Manteufel, 45 contracted infection, and condition named capnocytophaga from his Dog Ellie’s saliva and was on the deathbed. A rare disease that infects only the people with the compromised immune system can take the life of the patient. When Greg contracted with the disease, he lost parts of his limb, arms, and nose skin due to the infection. After surviving, he still loves his Dog Ellie unconditionally despite being the reason for lying on the deathbed.

Capnocytophaga is found in the saliva of Cats and Dogs. It is never the cause of people getting sick due to the infection. But the people with the genetically weak immune systems may contract the viruses and can die eventually if not treated properly. According to the doctors at Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin, this is the rarest of a rare case, and they’ve never seen anyone infected like this due to Capnocytophaga. In the last ten years, only five health people with the weak immune system have reported with infection to Capnocytophaga.

In June 2018, Greg started feeling like the Flu, later had diarrhea and vomiting. When he started getting dizzy and confused, his family took him to the hospital. After thorough checking, the doctors concluded that he is infected with Capnocytophaga. After more than 20 surgeries including the amputation of parts of his legs, arms, and reconstruction of the nose and other skin parts, he survived. Greg said that he still loves his Dog Ellie from the bottom of his heart. The photo of him petting the Dog has become viral on the social media networks in the United States.

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