Meteorite Hit the Moon During Total Lunar Eclipse

Meteorite Hit the Moon During Total Lunar Eclipse

Nothing can escape the eyes of scientists when they are observing anything. The same happened during the Lunar Eclipse. Scientists spotted a rock hitting the surface of the moon while observing the red blood moon due to the total lunar eclipse in the America and some parts of Europe. Small rocks always hit the moon, but we’ve rarely seen them while observing the moon. Now, the scientists and multiple online live streams captured the moment when the small rock hit the surface and created a bright cloud after impact.

When everyone was busy watching the moon, some people noticed the bright dot on the surface. Many thought it could be the glitch and some were unaware of the same. But when Jose Maria Madiedo from the University of Muelva, Spain said that it was a small rock size meteorite that hit the moon, everyone was awestruck. The Moons Impacts Detection and Analysis System (MIDAS) observed the flash after the meteorite impact on the moon. The MIDAS collects the data from a chain of observatories all around that world and keeps an eye on the moon. Previously, the MIDAS found the impact crater on the moon that was caused by the meteorite impact.

As this is the rare occasion to see the Meteorite crashing on our moon, every scientist is excited. It is tough to capture the Meteorite crashes on the moon as the brighter reflections suppress the meteorite impact flashes. Only the special occasions like the Total or Partial Lunar eclipse help us to capture the spectacular moment of watching a crash on the moon. The next Lunar eclipse will happen on July 6th and can be seen from Africa, Australia, Asia, Europe, and South America. It will be a Partial Lunar Eclipse where the moon will be shadowed Partially.

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