Microsoft Launches Outstanding, Easy to Use Office App for Windows 10

Microsoft Launches Outstanding, Easy to Use Office App for Windows 10

Microsoft is launching a new Office app for Windows Insiders and will soon roll out for all Windows 10 users. The new app is simply-titled as Office app for Windows 10, which acts as a hub for every modern version of Office. It is going to be a starting point of the day’s work, and it is an entire package for those who different types of productivity apps. The new Office app will replace the current one. While the existing app was mostly about managing Office 365 subscriptions, the new app offers notably more features. It will become a central hub for users to switch between various applications. In short, the user will be able to see all Office apps at one place and switch in a single click.

Additionally, users will be able to see their pinned files, and one could access other features of Office. The app is free of cost and users having any subscription of Office 365, Office 2019, Office 2016, or Offline Online can use it. It is a free version of office for its consumers. Users are facilitated to jump across most recently used files, pinned documents. Additionally, users can get back to their work and access shared documents stored on any location. Over here, the records stored at the local computer, or OneDrive or SharePoint can be accessed. There’s also an outstanding search tool through which user can find apps, documents, sites, and people.

Moreover, users can customize the app according to their requirement. Organizations can apply company branding and combine another cluster of business applications via single sign-in. Therefore, users can utilize the app as per office needs. Currently, the new Office app is available for Window’s Insider members. The software is an optional one, but it will come pre-installed on new PC’s in upcoming months. If you already have the My Office app, you will be recommended through an automatic update in the next few months.

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