Motorola Planning to Revive Foldable Phones with Moto RAZR

Motorola Planning to Revive Foldable Phones with Moto RAZR

The old-age foldable smartphones were the trend back in 2004. The Moto RAZR phone from the Motorola gained immense popularity. Being the sexiest phone from that time, the RAZR was famous all over the world. In these days, the trend of the candy bar and foldable phones are non-existent. But still, some people love using such old devices for fun and experience. As per the reports from an unknown source, the Motorola is planning to Revive the Moto RAZR foldable phone to the public very soon.

The  Parent company of Motorola, Lenovo is partnering with the Verizon to launch such phones in the United States of America. The sources say that the company will reveal the RAZR version in Mobile World Congress 2019, but the launch is expected in the next few months. Last year, the Motorola received the patent for a foldable smartphone with the touch screen. The design resembled the Moto RAZR device as it had a narrow shape. After the patent, Lenovo’s Chief Executive Officer claimed that the nostalgic RAZR phone would make a grand comeback. Nobody later heard about the device, and none cared.

But with the reports from Anonymus sources, the RAZR is coming soon in the markets with company finalizing the design and the specifications. The Motorola tried to revive an old device in 2011. The company launched the Droid RAZR with Verizon which was an unsuccessful launch. The Motorola is not the only company refreshing their old phones. Recently, Nokia relaunched the Nostalgic Nokia 3310 in a new look and New OS. The phone received appreciation from the people who’ve used them back in the time.

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