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NASA’s InSight Lander Starts Digging Mars Surface – Fails Short

NASA’s InSights lander is roaming Mars with tons of equipment to perform scientific experiments. The lander is already relaying the daily weather updates from the planet and has started a new experiment, digging into the surface. German engineered equipment on the rover is being used to drill a hole in the surface to understand the planet and get readings of the internal temperature. As the InSight Lander received commands from Jet Propulsion Laboratory, it started digging inside the surface but failed short. The lander has dug only 18 centimeters deep and failed short of the original goal.

It was not the technical fault as the digging instrument stopped digging after hitting a few hard stones. The digging equipment uses the digger and the hammer to push it into the surface. , and the hammer is made by Astronika Engineering company in Poland. The instrument failed to achieve the first digging goal and will now retry to perform the same task after getting rest for sometime. Chief Engineer at Astronika Engineering Company said that this is the failure for the company, but it has proven that their hammer is working fine in Martian Environment. He also said that the Martian Environment and surface is the main difficulty that they have to overcome somehow.

The original goal of the lander was to dig deep into the surface for up to 16 feet. But with the half a feet of drilling, the first trial is a failure. After digging deep, the lander is expected to measure the internal temperature of the planet. Also, the lander is equipped with a Seismometer, to calculate the seismic activity on the planet and monitor massive earthquakes. NASA has sent the commands to start digging again as the Lander is stationary and is resting before beginning to get inside the surface.

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