Jack Bogle

Legendary Investor Jack Bogle States His Only Regret About Money

Many great investors were born in the United States America, and one of them was Jack Bogle. Jack Bogle who died in this week stated his only single regret about using money and anyone’s heart would get meltdown after hearing what his disappointment was because according to Jack Bogle his only regret was not having much money to give away. Jack Bogle while giving an interview said that “My only regret about money is that I don’t have much more to give away” and this statement shows that not only Jack was a great investor, but he was a fantastic philanthropist also. Many people on the Wall street dreams of becoming a successful investor, but very of them get that success; however, Jack Bogle achieved a significant amount of victory in the investment, and he made other people rich also.

The reason why Jack Bogle liked to do charity was that he came from a low-income family and he had seen his family having financial troubles during the time great depression. For a person who knows that much financial safety one can easily assume why Bogle was that much into philanthropy. Jack Bogle was extremely intelligent, and he went to the high school and college with a scholarship. According to the reports, most of his charity went to the educational institutions which are still used by the universities to find a more great student like Bogle.

In a 2012 Interview, Jack shared his strong childhood memories in which he said that “I started working when I was ten years old because of the tough times our family was facing, and I feel sorry for all those children who go through this type of situation.” There might be many billionaire investors, but no one can beat the personality of Jack Bogle and philosophy about life and investments.