Scientists Say the Strange Behavior of Uranus Is a Result of Massive Collision

Scientists Say the Strange Behavior of Uranus Is a Result of Massive Collision

Many pieces of research have already proved that Uranus is an amazing planet in the solar system. Uranus is the only planet that spins on its side. Formerly, in July, researchers discovered that Uranus rotates differently, it turns about 90-degree angle to the other planets in the solar system. After this research, they theorized that the strange behavior might be due to a considerable impact. Currently, scientists came to know that a gigantic rock twice bigger than Earth pushed Uranus. According to new research, the collision theory is correct.

Jacob Kegerreis, an astronomy researcher from Durham University, presented his research at an Earth and space science conference. The team of scientists from the United Kingdom appended some facts to the collision theory. They used detailed computer simulations to show that a giant rock crashed into the surface of Uranus. Thus, the team provides a video displaying the view of a crash. Researchers wrote that most of the material from the impactors rocky core falls into the center of the destination object. They also believe that the massive collision might have taken place millions of years ago. On the other hand, NASA’s chief scientist, Jim Green, said Uranus is a unique planet in the solar system. The giant planet tilts about 90-degrees on its side.

Besides, it has an unbalanced magnetic field, and it doesn’t reach out the poles like Earth. Also, it is a planet with no interior heat escape from the core. It has a ring system similar to that of Saturn, although it’s a faint one. Another scientist, Scott Sheppard, says it is extraordinary. Therefore, the simulation released by the researchers have initiated an argument among the theorists. However, some of the conspiracy theorists trust that in future Earth will also face similar collision. According to these conspiracy theorists, the powerful crash with an unknown planet X will be disastrous. Besides, it may lead to an end of the world. Until now, scientists have not found any necessary evidence to prove the existence of Planet X or Planet Nine.

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