Chinese Companies

Some Large Chinese Companies Are Changing World’s Top Industries

There are some companies from China which are doing far more work than many other combined companies across the world. If there’s any largest manufacturing company in this world, then it’s Chinese government-owned CRCC which produces train parts and exports to all other countries. If you’re sitting on a train while traveling then thanks to CRCC because CRCC must’ve made the majority of its elements, this company earn on average revenue of $26 billion every year which can’t be matched by all other train manufacturing companies across the world.

If we go into the chemical industry, then this sector is also dominated by Chinese company CheChina which produces seeds and pesticides. It became the largest company in the world when it acquired swiss based pesticide producing company Syngenta for a whopping amount of $43 billion. Chemchina also owns Italian tire making company Pirelli plus German machinery firm Kraussmaffei. If we go into China’s petrochemical industry, then it shows companies like CNOOC, CNPC and Sinopec are hugely investing in expanding their businesses. On the other hand, state-owned food giant company COFCO is ruling grain market, and recently this company has bought one of the largest commodity producing companies from Singapore.

The smartphone industry is dominated by Chinese tech giant Huawei also there are many other smartphone companies like Xiaomi, Oppo which are contributing a significant number of revenues to the Chinese government. Huawei faced lots of problems from US government recently, but even after so many obstacles, it managed to earn a considerable amount of income in the previous quarter. China’s export sector has got hit because of trade war disputes but that’s a temporary problem. China in other words dominant every industry and that’s why the US is worrying about its rapid growth.

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