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Southwest Airlines Cancelled More Than 180 Flights Because Of Maintenance Issues

Southwest Airlines is one of the largest companies in the air traveling industry, however, on Tuesday the company canceled more than 180 of its jets because of maintenance issues. Currently, the weather condition in USA is not good because many states are covered up in snow due to which transportation system is facing lots of problems. However, due to some maintenance issues, Southwest Airlines canceled more than 180 of its jets on Tuesday because of which many passengers had to face some difficulties. According to some sources Southwest canceled approximately four percent of its daily operational flights on Tuesday. On the other hand, if we look at its competitor American Airlines, it canceled only twelve flights due to maintenance issues. Company’s officials said that they canceled some of those flights because of bad weather, but a majority of them have been put down because of maintenance issues.

Now to prevent such type of happening again company has already given a direct notice to its employees about showing up at work in an emergency situation. If they take sick leave, then they will have to submit necessary documents from doctors who would prove that they were ill. Southwest Airlines is getting strict when it comes to monitoring its employees. Sometimes a company will have to bold and effective decisions, and it seems like Southwest Airlines had to take both.

Currently, Polar vortex and flu seasons are making many people sick in the country, but now Southwest airlines think some of its mechanics might take fake ill leave and that’s why it has strengthened its policy. Southwest Airlines officials said that the company will be operating at its operational capacity and won’t face such type of emergencies again in future.

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