Spotify will Suspend Account if Found Using Adblockers

Spotify has updated its terms of service, and it has some exciting additions. From now on, the company will suspend or terminate the accounts of their users, if found using an adblocker to block the advertising. According to the terms of service, any adblocker and fraudulent streaming activity will lead to a permanent account ban or temporary suspension. If the Spotify website or application detects the Adblocker extension or app is running, then the user will get an instant ban. The new terms of service will go live on March 1st. So, the users now have time to uninstall or deactivate the adblocker from their computers to listen to music from Spotify.

According to the terms of service, blocking the ad serving on Spotify service by any means and redistributing or streaming the music without appropriate permissions will lead to a permanent ban or temporary suspension. The company is frustrated for a long time due to the free account users using adblockers to get rid of the advertisements that the company inserts in the long intervals. That’s the primary source of income for the company from its free account users. Nearly 1.3 percent of their user base or the 2 million free users were using the adblockers as per their investigation in 2018.

Now with the time, the numbers are changed and increased tremendously, that’s why the decision came in to curb the adblocker users. Spotify is now a public limited company and listed on the markets from May 2018. From that time, the number of registered users rose by 36 percent to 96 million and close to hitting the 100 million users mark. Not just this decision, but the company has announced the acquisition of two podcast companies named Gimlet Media and Anchor.

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