USB-C to Lightning Cables Coming from Anker in March

Last Year, Apple opened the MFi program to allow other manufacturers to launch their variety of the USB-C / Lightening cable options in the market. The Belkin did announce one USB-C to Lightning cable in the market, and now we see Anker launch a USB-C to Lightning cable in the market. The Anker is a new brand who completed their Kickstarted Campaign and joined the rally of manufacturing the Cables. Today, they announced the launch of USB-C/Lightning cable for the Apple Devices in the CEC. The cables are expected to release in the March for Public Sale.

The Anker Powerline+ cable is said to be more sturdy than most of the existing brands. The Powerline+ cable is five times durable than of the competitors. The company is also launching Female USB-C to lightning cable, which will primarily work as the Audio adaptor for the supported gadgets like the Speakers and Headphones. The USB-C to Lightning cable will launch in March for the price tag of $20.99, and the Audio Adaptor will release in April. We have no information about the price of the Anker Audio Adaptor.

The Cables are made in the two versions, i.e., the three-foot and six-foot versions. Apple made the first USB-C to Lightning cable in the 2016 but never allowed third-party manufacturers to do so. But with the MFi Program, the third-party vendors can manufacture their version of the cables. The users who have iPhone, iPad and the macbook models will be able to use these Anker USB-C/Lightning cables to connect to their devices and also fast-charge it with the compatible charger. Along with the Cables, the Anker is also launching the Atom PD 1, which is the Fast-Charge supported adaptor for charging your devices with the USB-C/Lightning cables.

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